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Friday, Nov. 3. 2023

About me.

Name: Nova
Age: 15 (11th dec).
Extra: I have DID and a system of 6+ / Eng, ro & ger

Hello satan I.. believe that its time to go.


I like a lot of games. obsessed with sanrio, kirby and vampire stuff. I can listen well but dont give good advise.


Basic Dni crit,Trans & Homophobic,ableist,racist,toxic, troll acc,-14 & +19 (except Liu <3)
Im very hypersexual (due to trauma) so if ur uncomfortable w that please DNI.


Likes & Dislikes.

..likes.. Vampires,drawing ,singing, Netflix, Drag, Cosplaying, music, rain...Dislikes.. Mostly anything atp and people who fake disorders for attention. (yk who u are.)

My Favs.

Ae,Juju,Jax & gia <3


I get VERY obsessive & jealous, if u cant handle that please dont try to get close to me.